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Italian Hills

Hey guys! Today my article is about Italian Hills, a dairy importer and specialty cheese producer originally from Sardinia, Italy.Italian Hills 6This family has been in the business of dairy production for over 100 years. After starting in Sardinia, they recently expanded the business to the United States.Italian hills 5In their own words “Our story starts at the beginning of 1900 in Sardinia, an Island in the Mediterranean Sea (Italy). My grandparents were farmers. They had a farm where they bred livestock, mainly sheep, goats and cows. They also grew vegetables. In the farm there was a small room where the fresh milk was transformed into fresh cheese. When we were children, we used to help our parents. Before going to school, we took the goats and sheep to the pasture and when we came back we helped prepare the fresh cheese. It was lovely, because everything was so natural and fresh, the air in the fields, and the scent of the freshly made cheese that we made with our little hands.”Italian HIlls 4Italian Hills 3Now, they bring their passion and skills to our community through their small creamery in Orlando, Florida. “My life has changed and improved in so many ways coming to the USA. It has helped me be a stronger person.”Italian Hills 2Coming to America has not been without its share of challenges. Some of the challenges include the language and business practices here. For aspiring entrepreneurs, they offer this suggestion: research not only your product, but how to manage a business.  Learn about the process of doing business in wherever you are expanding because not all rules and regulations are the same.Italian hills 1Ultimately, this family business wants to share their passions with new communities and expand their reach. “The experiences we have with nature, sheep and goats was great it helped us make the best product in Sardinia, so we want to share our tradition in other countries, starting with the United States.”

Thank you so much Italian Hills for sharing your story, beautiful pictures, and your expertise. If you would like to learn more I have the link to their website and Instagram pages below.

Instagram: italian_hills

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