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First Interview with Amy Coleman. Independent Consultant for the brand Thirty-One.

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I am interviewing entrepreneurs, small business owners, and independent consultants from across the Central Florida community. My goal is to tell the stories of these amazing entrepreneurs, showcase their product or service, and perhaps give aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from these stories. If you have your own small business and would like to be featured on this site, go to the contact section of the blog and I will get back to you.

For my first interview, I talked to my friend and self-proclaimed bag lady at heart: Amy Coleman.

A Little About the Business

Amy is an independent consultant for the brand Thirty-One, a brand that specializes in unique bags, jewelry, and home goods. The brand differentiates itself by its ability for customization. Whether someone wants to proclaim their love of wine or coordinate colors to match their favorite sports team, customers can find what they are looking for through Thirty-One products. Amy loves the brand because you can adapt it to meet your family’s needs. Whether using it as a side business or a full-time income stream, the business model can adapt to whatever you put in it. She says that most people will join because they want to earn some extra money, get new products, or have more time with their family and friends.

Amy got involved with Thirty-One through a friend from camp who messaged her online. After this friend explained the process, Amy concluded that it would be an effective way for her to earn extra money and earn free products. She started out by having a Thirty-One party through this friend and fell in love with the products. Shortly after, Amy started consulting for Thirty-One herself. Amy currently uses this as a supplemental income stream. The best part for her personally is that she can earn free bags.

When asked what makes consulting for this company special, Amy replied that they are unique because they fully believe in their consultants and they fully believe in God. The name “Thirty-One” comes from the Proverbs 31 woman as described in the Bible. The company’s mission is to empower women and build relationships. Amy is a religious person and fully supports this culture. To quote Amy directly, “They show their culture, they show their faith, and they fully support their consultants. I feel like that is what makes this company unique.”

Personal Experience Gained

For Amy, Thirty-One has impacted her life by earning her extra income, gaining her guilt-free products, and giving her the opportunity to network with others in the community. When asked about any challenges, Amy said “Since it is a catalogue and they give you the marketing materials and support you need, there have been no major challenges.” She elaborated by saying that it can take as little or as much time as you can devote to it.

Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Amy’s tip to anyone who is wanting to start their own small business or become a consultant is that even if it takes a little bit of money, jump in with both feet. She says that if you want to be a consultant, look for companies that don’t take a lot of time and money as initial startup. Weigh the cost of how much it will be to join or participate versus what you plan to get out of it, especially if you’re just starting out. Don’t set unrealistic expectations of what you will be able to sell. Make sure it aligns with the lifestyle you have so you can enjoy the experience.

For Amy, being an independent consultant has helped her to grow. “Any experience you can gain for yourself is helpful in the long run.” She goes on to say that if the product holds your interest, having it as a side job can also be a means for you to spend time on the things you love. “It can be helpful as a good outlet or breathing time for you apart from your normal day-to-day job.”

My Takeaway

I have learned that having a culture that supports your business is very crucial to the happiness and success of consultants. Pursuing what you love can be a good side venture. It does not have to be your day-to-day job. Finally, any experienced gained from trying new things can be beneficial in the long run.

Thank you, Amy, for taking the time to talk with me!

If you are interested in having a party through Amy or want to learn more please visit her website linked below.

During October, Thirty-One will start featuring items for the upcoming holiday season so be sure to check out Amy’s page.

Amy’s website

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